PRASA funding to pay SANRAL debt highlights ANC inefficiency

Issued by Solly Msimanga MPL – DA Gauteng Caucus Leader
08 Jul 2019 in Press Statements

Reports in this weekend’s City Press indicating that funds will be cut from struggling Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) to bail out the failing e-toll system once again highlights the fact that the ANC does not care about the plight of our people, nor do they have the aptitude to fix the country’s dilapidated transport systems.

Millions of commuters use rail to get to and from work and school.

Trains are frequently late, over-crowded, plagued with technical issues and are hotspots of crime.

The Bill that seeks to divert funding from one dysfunctional mode of transport to rectify the ill-conceived e-toll system clearly shows that there is no understanding of the hardships that commuters face on a daily basis.

The DA will continue to fight this unjust taxation of our people, but we will also not allow those who make use of our country’s ailing rail infrastructure to be disadvantaged by the poor choices of the ANC.

Gauteng has over a million cars registered and on the road, which means that there is revenue through motor vehicle renewal fees. Ring-fencing a portion of the fuel levy will aid in paying back SANRAL’s debt.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not how prudent financial management of the public purse is exercised.

E-tolls must go and our infrastructure must be upgraded to accommodate our people, but as it stands, neither of these two imperatives will be addressed.