We work hard every day to improve people's lives

Since the 2016 Local Government Elections, around 16 million South Africans experience some form of DA governance.

The DA currently governs in 3 of the main municipalities in Gauteng. These include South Africa’s administrative capital, Tshwane; our economic centre, Johannesburg; and the fastest growing municipality in Gauteng, Midvaal.

DA-run governments are recognised as among the best in South Africa by national government and a variety of other agencies. While we recognise that where we govern there is still much to be done to redress past imbalances, we are working every day to ensure further progress is being made that improves the lives of all residents where we govern.

We got clean drinking water...

and a PR councillor helped me apply for an internship, and I am now busy with it.
Chrestinah Maeshi, Modimolle & Mookgophong

Gauteng Success Stories

More Pikitup cleaning shifts to the tune of R49 million, focusing on inner-city/informal settlements.

Delivered over 6 659 title deeds

22 clinics have extended operating hours

1 500 more Metro Police officers

Extended Hours at 10 regional libraries are being rolled out so residents across the city have access to information.

42 new ambulances to replace Joburg’s ageing fleet

Busy reclaiming hijacked properties for residents

Over 44 030 EPWP job opportunities

R45 million will be spent on installing new public lighting

109 000 new jobs created in the first two quarters of 2018

Electrification of informal settlements tripling

Mayor Msimanga has unveiled new emergency vehicles to respond quicker to incidents – 18RIVs, 33 ambulances and 1 maxi-lance.

Mayoral mansion sold to fund RDP housing

Over 60 000 jobs created already created through the Expanded Public Works Programme, bringing the City ever closer to its target of 23 000 by the end of the financial year.

1 051 TshWi-Fi hotspots

Over R6 billion in investment

Unqualified audit report

Hard-won favourable credit rating

EPWP jobs now awarded with open lotto system

16 756 homes connected to water in 17/18 and counting

12 303 homes were electrified in 17/18 and counting

6 977 homes were fully sanitised in 17/18 and counting

R18,6 million going towards more CCTVs in 2019

A whistle-blower hotline has been established

New fraud prevention and detection programmes

DA-led Midvaal is creating 23 070 housing opportunities over the next few years, to help our poor residents get quality homes.

The Municipality is spending over R400 million on upgrading the municipal electricity network and water supply in Sicelo and other formal and informal settlements.

“The DA gave us an opportunity to take part in the Kgatelopele Youth Development Programme. After graduating from the programme I am a social entrepreneur with my own company ready to trade with government or the private sector.” – Lerato Tsatsame, Lakeside

“Everything that we do as a municipality will seek to make every person in Midvaal – black or white, rich or poor – feel a sense of belonging.” – Bongani Baloyi, Midvaal Mayor

DA- led Midvaal is awarded good audit results every year for being honest about how every cent of ratepayers’ money is spent.

Clean audits for four years in a row!

Where we govern in South Africa

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  • Metropolitan Municipalities
  • District Municipalities
  • Local Municipalities