Joburg SOCA: DA-led Joburg coalition showing that change is possible

Issued by John Moodey –
30 Apr 2019 in Press Statements

Since assuming office in 2016, the DA-led coalition government has made strides in delivering real change by building a City that works for and with the people.

Today’s address by DA Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, has proven that his administration is working around the clock to deliver on its commitment to stop corruption, create job opportunities and deliver quality services to the people of Johannesburg.

Mayor Mashaba’s administration has achieved the following in a short period:

  • Against the national trend, creating a net of 110, 000 new jobs and reducing unemployment by 1.1%.
  • In the mixed-income housing space, the City has provided over 6261 units over the last two years.
  • 6659 title deeds have been handed out by the multi-party government since coming into the office. This has ensured that thousands of Johannesburg residents experience the joy of  home ownership.
  • Focus on refurbishing sub-stations as the first phase of stabilising the City’s electricity grid.
  • The length of roads classified as being in a poor or very poor condition has been reduced from the 4000km inherited, by 806km of road resurfacing by the JRA.
  • The City’s investment in electrifying informal settlements has investment, with a record breaking R750 million budgeted over the next 3 years
  • With 500 derelict buildings, the City now has the opportunity to provide quality low-cost housing opportunities and space for small businesses and start-ups.
  • City will be delivering over 4000 sites and service stands in the 2019 calendar year, substantially more than could be delivered by way of traditional RDP housing.

These are some of the hallmarks of Mayor Mashaba’s administration and what it can bring to the people of Johannesburg.

What has been achieved by Mayor Mashaba’s administration shows that the DA works and coalition governments do indeed work. Change is possible, and on 8 May the people of Gauteng will be able to usher in this kind of change across the whole province.