ANC once again working to undermine free and fair elections

Issued by John Moodey –
29 Apr 2019 in Press Statements

Flyers doing the rounds both in communities and on social media once again point to a coordinated campaign of anarchy by the weak and idea-less ANC. Flyers emblazoned with the logos of the ANC and its affiliate, SANCO, show that this is not a community movement but an ANC collective that want to continue stealing the people of Gauteng’s money and opportunities.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) previously submitted evidence to the SAPS and IEC, showing the ANC’s hand in violent and criminal protests, which targeted DA-governed jurisdictions, namely Johannesburg, Midvaal, Tshwane and Cape Town.

While the DA notes the ANC’s statement distancing itself from today’s action, we see it as nothing more than a tactical retreat from a project, which has not produced the desired outcome, that being discrediting the DA and negatively influencing the outcome of the 8 May elections; especially in Gauteng.

We will not run away from accounting to communities with genuine service delivery concerns, but we will not stand back while the ANC and its affiliates purposefully criminalise and destroy communities in order to illegally influence the elections. It is for this reason why the SAPS, with the evidence submitted by the DA, need to investigate the ANC’s campaign of anarchy.

The law enforcement authorities also cannot turn a blind eye to threats of Gauteng-wide shutdown on 6 May, which aims to intimidate the people of the province into not practicing their democratic right to vote for change.

We call on South Africans to express themselves at the ballot box on 8 May and vote to bring real change that builds One South Africa All.